Windermere Lake Cruises- Enjoying Natures Gift

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What is a trip to the Lakes without actually enjoying a bit of water?

Windermere Lake Cruises offers the perfect way to enjoy the waters of the area. The cruises happen to be the most popular attraction in Crumbia and date back to Victorian times. More than 1 million visitors cruise around the waters in streamers and launchers each year.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Strumpet101

Visitors can start their cruise from any three main points: Bowness, Ambleside or Lakeside. They can also take their pick from seven different types of cruises including one where some walking is done. These trips may last anywhere from 30 to 70 minutes depending on which cruise is picked. Admission may also vary depending on the season, although visitors can expect to pay about 7.00 to 17.00 for adults and 3.50 to 8.65 for children. Family tickets for 2 adults and 3 children range in price from 19.25 to 47.50. Special fares, packages and promotions may also be available depending on the season. Trips are available daily for most cruises.

Other than enjoying sailing through the waters of the area visitors can also enjoy the facilities on the streamers. These include salons, tea shops, bars and the promenade deck. Those taking the main cruise can also enjoy getting off the vessel to see attractions in the area.

Visitors interested in going out on their own may also do so. Those with their own boats are welcome to cruise through the lake on their own. For those with experience motor boats and rowing boats are also available for rentals. Motor boats can be rented out for 18 for 2 adults. Extra adults need to pay 6 per head. Row boats are available at 12 for 1-2 adults. Children below 16 years of age may ride both row boats and motor boats free of charge.

Windermere Lake Cruises are also ideal for large groups, school trips and special events like weddings. Special arrangements can e made to accommodate these educational trips and special events. For those interested in something more personal private cruises can also be arranged. With special arrangements, food and other things may also be included in the charters.

Special events such as sunset cruises, family days out and drive free holidays are also part of the usual calendar of events. To learn more about Windermere Lake Cruises and what they have to offer check out the website at