What to wear when walking in the Lake District

For most walking routes in the Lake District, the walker should be suitably clothed. Custom-designed walking boots and a waterproof jacket are not only a good idea for safety and comfort, but they also help you to enjoy your day out to the full.

The most important item of clothing is some type of wind and water-proof outer layer like a cagoule, anorak or coat with a hood. It is worthwhile investing in a lightweight and breathable jacket that can be rolled and stored away in a small space when not in use.

To keep warm several layers of insulating garments are required such as woolen sweaters or even fleeced undergarments in the winter months. Wool is breathable so sweating is minimized while body heat is retained.

Wearing jeans and other denim clothing is not recommended for walking. They often restrict movement and offer little protection from the elements – especially when they get wet.

It is important to take good care of your feet when walking in the fells. Strong walking boots with non-slip soles are the best choice. They must have good ankle support which should prevent injury when walking on rocky ground. Shorter walks at ground level may just require a pair of comfortable shoes or wellies. Thick woolen socks are a must if walking outside the summer months.