What to bring when walking in the lake district

Some items are vital for your walk in the fells. Good maps and a sturdy rucksack are invaluable. However other equipment will depend on the type of walk and time of year.

Using a rucksack is much better than taking a hand carried bag. Your hands are left free, you can carry more and it should fit comfortably over your shoulders and back, meaning less chance of aches and pains. For walks of half a day or more a medium sized rucksack of 20-40 litres is recommended.

A good map should be carried at all times. Don’t just rely on the sketches found in many walking guides. Always carry an Ordnance Survey Landranger or Pathfinder map, or a GPS system designed for walking to make sure you can find your way whatever the conditions.

A high quality compass may be useful for map reading as often paths are unmarked and can take you across open country where there are few distinct landmarks.

On longer walks extra food and water should be carried. High energy snack food such and Kendal Mintcake or Chocolate is great for replacing those carbs quickly. A thermos flask should be carried when colder conditions are expected – a cup of hot tea can provide instant relief to a walker shivering on a fell-top.

A few plasters, a pocket knife, some string, a bandage and a whistle are some basic items you might like to consider taking should you be walking over rough terrain. Finally a pair of binoculars may help you view the local wildlife from a safe distance and a digital camera will allow you to record all those awesome lake district views!