Visit the Lake District this summer and Experience the True English Countryside

From the steps to Stair

The landscape of the majority of England has been a monotonous picture of building, houses and public transportation. With this in mind, it would be hard to find a relaxing vacation at the heart of England. This summer, tourists can visit the areas in England that remain naturally intact. In this case, the Lake District in Northwest England is the best option for travellers.

Tourism in the Lake District started about two centuries ago when the locals started nature trips within the area. The Lake District became popular when Romantic Movement poets such as William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote guides about the place. Their vivid descriptions of the Lake District through words were enough to attract more tourists which are not from North England.

At present, Lake District is the perfect location for the tourist that would like to explore nature in the summer time. Upon seeing the scenery that Lakeland offer, anyone would be excited to explore the waters, fields and mountains that are etched in this natural wonder. Without the mountain ranges in Lake District, it would look like just another untouched lake with sprawling fields.

If you have much time to spare this summer, you can engage in a one-week vacation at Lake District to have a complete experience. Of course, you must find a suitable Lake District hotel to stay at before you proceed with your trip. Once you are in the district, your vacation will be mainly comprised of exploring the natural wonders and appreciating the heritage of the area through literature and the arts.

When exploring the Lake District, you can trek up the hills or ride steamer boats to cross the lake. You can also engage in water sports, fishing and kayaking among others. To know more about the heritage of the Lake District, you can visit the towns and villages that comprise the district such as Ulverston, Kendal and Ambleside. While you are here, you can also have a taste of their authentic tea at their tea rooms.

Though you will be visiting in the summer time, make sure that you still have clothing for rainy weather for precipitation might fall any time because Northern England weather is erratic.

Wherever you may explore in the Lake District, make sure that what you’re wearing is ideal for both fair and rainy weather conditions. However, you can enjoy the Northern England rain at your own risk to make your vacation more memorable.

Creative Commons License photo credit: walkinguphills