Toasted Skin Syndrome aluminum fence gate.

Whether you’re using your laptop at home, at work, on the beach, or bedroom, computers in forms of laptop which are being held on the lap have become an unavoidable part of our everyday life. However, despite this habit, there is a significant amount of reports coming in from medical experts that it is not as harmless as you might think. There are significant health issues which may be caused by this habit alone. Aside with the proven issues with sight, headaches and pain experienced in multiple group of muscles which occur after hours spent at computers, there is an epidemic of dermatological conditions caused by laptops exclusively. Erythema ab igne, also known as toasted skin syndrome happens in events of prolonged exposure of thigh skin and muscles to the intense heat energy being expelled by the laptop or a similar object.

Some specifics about toasted skin syndrome

An increasing number of young people spends their time on laptops in all kinds of different positions. Some tend to keep it on their knees, belly, chest, lying down. Consequence of this is toasted skin, which is a problem as its symptoms come in gradually and silently, being completely ignored until visible and permanent damage is done. Tis can easily be avoided by simply following some basic rules regarding computers and ergonomics. This syndrome manifests by a mild rash and redness, which becomes more intense if the same type of behavior is prolonged and unattended. Some cases involve itchiness and burning, but most of patients do not feel a thing and there are only visual symptoms to be noticed.


It’s of vital importance to remove source of heat immediately from the affected area. If the area is lightly red condition usually passes by on its own with the full recovery coming in a couple of months. In extreme cases skin becomes overly pigmented, looking like sun burns. These changes may become permanent, involving risks of skin cancer. Laser therapy is one of the most efficient and popular methods of treatment. Sometimes similar changes in skin can be seen with patients who were treated by heat or were burned. It’s also possible to acquire it if the skin is oversensitive so other popular products come into play, such as heated car seats. Professionally these changes can be seen on faces of persons who have spent a significant amount of their working time exposed to high heat – bakers, blacksmiths etc.


Toasted skin syndrome is very easy to prevent as it just involves some common habit changes which will also improve general life quality. Make sure not to go in extremes when it comes to working on computers, take a break and walk every two hours if you’re really computer ridden. Also, turn off your computer when you’re not using it so that it stops accumulating heat for no apparent reason. Also, make sure that you’re drinking enough liquids, which is very important for your back health and check some general computer ergonomic recommendations.