The Puzzling Place Museum

Being puzzled can be confusing but enjoying a puzzle is quite a different thing. For those who enjoy brain teasers, being baffled or simply being amused The Puzzling Place is the perfect place to visit. Located at Keswick at the Lake District this museum is a rather new attraction which opened in the year 2000.

Filled with different types of mind baffling puzzles, it is something that both children and adults are sure to enjoy. Although many people mistake this to be for children, it is made for all ages. It is a great place for both the young and old to enjoy themselves as well as bond together. Families are sure to have a unique experience here.

One of the biggest hits in this museum is the anti-gravity room. In here visitors seem to stand in a slanting position and can lean on nothing without any problems. The sensory illusions certainly make the mind and eyes work differently. The eye exhibit is also another big hit that leave many guests amazed at what they see. Aside from this there are many other exhibits to tickle the mind and boggle the eyes.

Admission to The Puzzling Place is very affordable. Adults are charged £3.75 while childrens rates are £2.90. Children under five can enjoy touring the museum free of charge. A discounted fee for families of 2+2 is also offered at 11.75. Those visiting just the Puzzle area and shop may enter for free. Dogs which are well behaved are also allowed into the facility for free.

This museum is open every day during all school holidays from 10 am to 5:30 pm. During the winter it is opened form Tuesdays through Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. During January, The Puzzling Place is opened only during weekends. For those coming for a visit in the summer the museum is opened every day from 11 am to 5:30 pm. A typical tour of the World of Illusions may last about 45 minutes or a bit longer.

Being located in the town center makes things more convenient for visitors. A number of car parks are located just two minutes away from the museum. Public toilets are also just a few minutes away from the building.

There are also numerous restaurants and stores which sell food and drinks. For more information check out The Puzzling Place