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The Puzzling Place Museum

Being puzzled can be confusing but enjoying a puzzle is quite a different thing. For those who enjoy brain teasers, being baffled or simply being amused The Puzzling Place is the perfect place to visit. Located at Keswick at the Lake District this museum is a rather new attraction which opened in the year 2000.

Theatre By The Lake Keswick

There is nothing like a good performance to feed the soul. Visitors at Lakeland District can enjoy a show or two while in the area thanks to the Theatre by the Lake. Located by the Lakeside, it will not only feed the soul with beautiful productions but with splendid views as well. It faces Derwentwater,

Blackwell Arts & Crafts House

Built in the 20th Century, Blackwell Arts & Crafts House is one of England’s most significant existing structures from the time. Designed by M H Ballie Scott from 1897 to 1900, this home is an excellent example of its type of architecture. Most of the decorative aspects of the home have been kept intact and