Skeeter Syndrome

Most people experience mosquito bites throughout their lives, but in different intensities. For an example, it has been proven that people who have mostly acidic sweat (pH slightly lower than 7) tend to attract more mosquitos, which is certainly annoying but can also represent health risk in case of a condition known as skeeter syndrome. This condition manifests itself with an intense reaction to mosquito bites, making the swelling significantly larger and also painful. Today we’ll discuss some of the facts which are known and related to this condition and how can one deal with it in a proper and effective manner.

How to recognize it?

Since the term large swelling seems to be quite relative, it’s sometimes difficult to immediately recognize this specific syndrome. Some people simply have intense reactions to mosquito bites which can become very shallow but spread on a larger surface, making it look threatening. However, since this syndrome is a type of an allergy, there are different symptoms to be noted such as inflammation or high fever shortly after the bite. This is the key difference between a typical mosquito bite and the beginning of the syndrome and it’s obviously easy to recognize. If the person experiences fever for no apparent reason, especially during the summer, it is recommended to check some of the less exposed body parts for mosquito bites – they will still be huge and easily noticeable.


The only way to prevent this is to use some of the mosquito repellents which are available to purchase even without receipt. Mosquitos are carriers of the allergen and there are small chances to eliminate the effects once the bite has taken place. Most effective repellents are made as spray bottles which you should use on your exposed body parts as often as you need to, if you’re generally prone to a lot of mosquito bites. During the night you might want to use an apparatus which is inserted into the power socket, emitting a dust of mosquito repellent in the air every once in a while – these can be found in supermarkets.

Reducing the intensity of symptoms

Relief of itching and swelling can be accomplished by using some general antihistamines, whether they are applied locally for a quick and short term relief, or orally for a slower but long lasting effect. Typical remedies which are also used to relieve from bee stings for an example can also be used for this, as it is basically the same reaction. Antihistamines are your best bet though, especially if you’re travelling and not sure about your reaction towards mosquito bites within that specific country. If you generally experience an intense reaction towards the bite, it’s highly recommended to pack up some antihistamines just as a precaution measure. This can really make your life easier while being abroad, and you should definitely get some. Reactions caused by this are extreme, particularly if the mosquito bite takes place around the face area.

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