Skeeter Syndrome Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Mosquito, bee and fly bites are extremely common throughout the world and in most cases they aren’t something to go crazy about. Even though most of these insects’ bites do not pose a real threat, it’s recommended to protect yourself whenever possible as there are some cases where they can do some damage. Besides wearing appropriate clothes and repellents as well as preventive avoidance of spending time outdoors, dangerous allergic reactions may be prevented with anti-allergenic medications. These medications are found as pills such as antihistaminic (Claritine) or injection form which is used in extremely intense response. It’s important to mention that in case of severe local allergic reaction towards a bite you should definitely ask your doctor for help.

High fever

World Health Organization has dedicated this particular year battling against the so called vector diseases. Vector diseases are infectious diseases which are being transferred over mosquito bites. In some occurrences these bites can initiate high fever, ankles swelling as well as life threatening reactions such as anaphylactic shock. It manifests as choking, lowered blood pressure and loss of consciousness. Particularly dangerous are bites in head and neck area, when it’s absolutely crucial to go out and seek medical assistance. Some insects such as mosquitos may transfer over certain types of vector diseases. Traveling, global market and climate changes are some of the reasons for vector diseases to become so prominent in today’s day and age.

Mosquitos aren’t as harmless as you may think

Climate conditions further improve the spread and count of mosquitos and in the same time increase chances of vector disease transfer. Not only that, mosquitos can also carry a lot other allergenic matter, and in case this happens a response known as skeeter syndrome occurs. This syndrome represents an intense response to a mosquito’s bite which is caused by certain allergies or a highly infectious disease being carried by that particular mosquito. It’s recognized by a huge swelling which tends to be extremely tight and painful, spreading towards other parts of the body. There’s no question about this being particularly dangerous if the bite happened on head or neck. It may also be followed by inflammation or high fever too. Most of the cases this particular syndrome is caused by typical allergenic polypeptides which is always found inside he mosquitos needle head. There are high chances of persons developing this syndrome to be allergic to mosquito bites in general.

How to prevent skeeter syndrome

Above all the most effective way is to stay clear of mosquitos at all times. This can be accomplished by using all kinds of mosquito repellents, sleeping nets etc. There are no other simple ways to prevent the swelling from happening as it’s a typical allergic reaction to which the only cure is to stay clear of the causer itself. If it does happen, visit a doctor which will confirm the condition and prescribe some relieving medications to help the one affected go through the issues which are happening.