Sharp Pain Under Right Rib Cage

Gallbladder disorder is characterized with pain under right rib cage which has a tendency to spread under the right shoulder blade, right shoulder, right armpit or chest cavity. Pain can be of a sharp character, coming in intervals of a couple of hours. It usually comes and goes, which is a specific type of pain known as colic. For gallbladder colic it’s typical that the intensity of pain slowly advances towards one level and then gradually eases up. Other than these described pains, gallbladder disorder also includes noxiousness and vomiting. Gallbladder colic is caused by gallbladder stones moving around as they have a tendency to move towards the narrowest part of the gallbladder. Along with the previous mentioned symptoms, when this occurs, high fever may also become an issue.

What can you do to prevent complications related to gallbladder?

Most common causes for gallbladder disorders are as follows:

  1. Consummation of oily, highly spiced food which is fried or cooked based on onion or garlic, larger quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables, pastries, cakes and bread, beans etc.
  2. Physical work (lifting heavy loads or weights in a gym) makes it possible to feel hardness under the right rib cage which may indicate a gallbladder filling up with stones.
  3. Stress paired with irregular diet – this is the most common cause for gallbladder issues even if the people affected aren’t consuming any food from the risk group.
  4. During pregnancy or quickly after it – there are some major hormonal disorders that may occur during pregnancy that support initiation of gallbladder stones due to baby pressing up on the gallbladder.

It’s important to make it clear that the largest percentage of gallbladder stones doesn’t actually show any difficulties regardless of the previously mentioned causes. Some patients report in with symptoms of gallbladder stones, but there aren’t any positive tests. With such cases it is necessary to precisely determine the exact cause of the difficulties in order to take some further steps. Before anything, anamnesis is necessary to determine all the real life habits that may have led to such a condition. Causes for these types of issues include twisted gallbladder, fine stones found in gallbladder or a benign tumor inside the gallbladder.

Easiest way of diagnosing

Definitely the easiest and most visually clear way of diagnosing any condition that may cause pain under the ribs is an ultrasound of the stomach cavity. Every pain, burping, heartburn, feeling of heavy weight inside or burning in the upper part of the stomach needs to be acknowledged and checked. Stomach cavity is a tight area with a lot of organs, some of which do not have nerve endings, making it worrisome when there is any type of pain being felt. The newest iteration of ultrasound machines offer quick, clear and safe view into patient’s situation. Based on such an examination and clinical checkup it is possible to determine whether these issues are caused by stomach, liver or intestines acting up.