Sharp Pain Under Left Rib Cage

Stomach cavity is space in between ribs and small pelvis, being separated from lung cavity with a muscle tissue known as diaphragm. Inside the stomach cavity there are lots of organs to be found. Under diaphragm on the right side covered by ribs we can find liver with gallbladder. In the middle part there is the stomach and on the left side deep under the ribs there is the spleen. Under the stomach an important gland known as pancreas is located. It’s obvious that stomach cavity is filled with vital organs so it’s definitely one of the most complex parts of the human body. This makes any disorders that relate to stomach cavity somewhat difficult to deal with, as there are so many sources from which the issue may arise. Still, modern medicine has made it possible to precisely determine cause, location and treatment of an issue related to any organ inside the stomach cavity. Today we’ll cover conditions with main symptom being pain under left rib cage.


In the middle upper part of the stomach pain gizzard represents the main source of pain which can also radiate towards the area under the left side of the rib cage. One can feel pain in this area because of hunger, as well as over eating. Peptic ulcer as well as duodenal ulcer are some of the most common causes for pain to be felt here, especially if it appears to be more intensive on an empty stomach. Eating a smaller meal usually relieves some of the pain. Alcoholic beverages, black coffee and smoking are known to make the situation a lot worse. Gizzard cancer may or may not be painful, being the initial sign of this quite serious condition. In its first phase these are only minor disturbances which are commonly referred to as digestive disturbances or feeling full in the stomach with highly bearable pain. On the other hand these may also intensify to the point of reminding one of gizzard ulcer which is a very serious condition.

You should visit a doctor if the pain gets worse

Pain felt on the left side and under the ribcage can lead towards a lot more conditions than on the same being present on the right side. Another very serious and common cause for this pain to appear is pancreas. In case there is a clog in the exhaust channels of the pancreas this might be caused by an inflammation of this very important part of your body. This usually happens to people who have a history of unhealthy alcohol consumption long term. On the same side this problem can be caused by the intestines bending, not allowing proper digestion to take place, as well as diaphragm, which is a muscle being activated for breathing. All of these are very serious and possibly fatal conditions so if you feel any type of pain under the left side of your ribcage, it’s highly recommended to set an appointment with your doctor and do some preliminary tests.