Pregnancy Girdle

Изготовление паспортов, антитеррористический паспорт

It’s no secret that pregnancy in general brings a lot of physical discomfort, but there are a lot of products you can use in order to reduce this to a minimum. It is natural that pregnant women think and care about their belly, which is why you protect it from touching, swinging and try to prevent any type of trauma. Even though this is normal, you shouldn’t become overly obsessed about it, since the baby is well protected inside your body. It’s behind several layers of tissue and in plenty of amniotic fluid, which is the first line of defense. Still, there are plenty of questions pregnant women have such as which position should I sleep in, is a girdle dangerous and so forth. Today we’ll cover some of these issues to ease your mind.

Avoiding falls

Many new moms are afraid of hitting the belly or falls which may occur since the belly juts out a lot in advanced pregnancy. Hitting a door frame is more than enough to turn on anxiety and now you need to deal with stories that correlate falling and abortions. In reality though this is rarely happening. Separation of placenta which is a commonly mentioned consequence of a fall happens only to women who are suffering from high blood pressure, edemas and proteins in blood. Even in severe accidents such as traffic accidents, pregnancy is more than likely to be preserved. It’s most important to remain calm in such situations and not let stress get the best of you. In case of any doubts, symptoms or worrying a doctor can perform an ultrasound test and make sure that baby is doing just fine.

Pregnancy girdles

A significant number of myths correlates to pregnant women’s clothing. Many new moms freak out when they notice their clothes’ marks on body after taking them off. It is true that you should avoid such clothing at all times, not just when you’re pregnant. Clothes that are too tight generally cause a sensation of discomfort and annoyance, but it also limits blood flow, causing edemas to occur. Pregnant women are therefore more prone towards edemas (ankle swelling) so such clothing can only improve the discomfort. Because of all this, pregnant women are often worried about carrying a pregnancy girdle, but this is completely medically justified. It doesn’t apply pressure to the entire belly, just the lower part and above all has a function of relieving your back strain, pain and discomfort. It is particularly useful for women who have weaker abdominal muscles. In all other cases if the woman is feeling fine (and she was physically active prior to pregnancy), a girdle is usually not necessary.

Carrying another (wild) child while pregnant

A pregnant woman who already has an older boy or girl may be worried about him or her kicking the belly and therefore hurting the baby. It’s next to impossible that your child will kick you so hard. Just focus on how you are feeling – if your back is not hurting enjoy your older child too.