Pregnancy Facts

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It’s easy to take pregnancy for granted, as it is considered to be one of the most natural processes in a woman’s life, but there are so many facts surrounding the topic which you might not know much about. In this article I’ll share some of my newly found pregnancy facts which I haven’t really been purposely looking for, rather stumble upon them. If you’re expecting or looking towards getting pregnant these facts will definitely make it more interesting for you as you’ll be able to experience it in person.

  • Babies that are being bottle-fed are much more attracted to women who are breastfeeding.
  • Babies that are being breast-fed are more attracted to their mother’s breast smell, rather than other women who are also breast feeding their baby.
  • A newborn baby up to three days of age is more prominent to react to a cloth soaked in mother’s amniotic fluid, rather than cloth soaked in another woman’s amniotic fluid.
  • Aside its many other important purposes, hormone progesterone is an important part of the mechanism which prevents rejection of the embryo, which is a normal process with tissues that don’t share the identical DNA.
  • First traces of memory are showing presence in the last trimester of pregnancy, but it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact week when it happens. Some researches claim that baby starts remembering from sixth month, while other claim that brain has no such functions until eight month of age. Still, there is no doubt that an unborn baby is capable of remembering at later pregnancy stages.
  • About 30 weeks into pregnancy the baby is able to notice light outside of its mother’s body and there is a significant number recorded of babies turning toward a lamp positioned right outside of mother’s belly.
  • Newborn babes have a built-in attraction towards human faces. Researches have shown that babies are far more focused towards recognizing and acknowledging patterns which resemble a human face in comparison to all other colorful patterns.
  • Babies can actually make noise inside the uterus. According to Spanish researches, vocal vibrations can start from eighteenth week onwards.
  • Latin translation for a breast is mamma. Mammals, including over 15000 species of vertebras (animals that have a spine), have gotten their name based on the Latin translation of the word breast.
  • Twins start to develop a special relationship in uterus. One Italian psychotherapist has recorded twins with ultrasound equipment, catching footage of them touching and gently nudging around.
  • It’s a known fact that babies dream a lot while in uterus. Researches have shown that they live through their first REM phase at about 23 weeks into pregnancy. This highly motivates development of brain.
  • Babies are able to hear from 12th week of pregnancy onwards. Immediately after delivery the baby will recognize voices of its parents since it is familiar to it already.
  • Women over 40 years of age have 130% more chance to deliver a baby who is left handed.
  • The record for most babies born in one delivery is nine!

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