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Tattoos and rings are a common method of decorating your body, but as we all know our bodies change dramatically over the years. This makes these decorations look less attractive and may also be a cause of discomfort or pain. Pregnancy is one of the most intense body-warping processes which has a huge impact on size and shape of a woman’s belly. If you have had your belly button pierced prior to being pregnant there are some things you should consider. First of all, make sure that you don’t skimp on expenses whether this is for keeping the piercing on or getting one after you got pregnant. Safety goes with reputation of the studio, as well as price of the procedure.

Can I keep my belly button piercing?

There is quite a bit of time before your belly really starts to pop. Due to the sheer amount of stretching going on afterwards, it’s highly recommended that you remove the ring to avoid certain complications. These include infections and general pain and discomfort due to your skin being stretched beyond what you may be used to. Stretching of the belly is obviously a natural process, while having a ring pierced onto your belly isn’t, so this decision doesn’t probably come as a surprise. Piercings carry a risk with themselves in general, and while being pregnant, it’s really best to try and avoid issues that are avoidable. One doesn’t need to mention that pregnancy is not the most comfy of life’s phases.

Does this apply to all belly button piercings?

Common sense would indicate that this recommendation applies to all cases of pregnancy. However, it is still a recommendation and there’s obviously your own personal decision to be made. After all, you’re not harming your baby or posing any risks to its development in any way so if you’re ready to take the risks and discomfort which may become present after a while, then by all means – keep it. From an outsider point of view, a pregnant woman’s belly looks very cute and the appearance may only be improved with a subtle ring being attached to it.

Are there any risks involved in getting a piercing after conception?

Definitely! First of all, there’s always a significant risk of attracting an infection from piercing and tattoos. On the other hand you shouldn’t be paralyzed with fear, just make sure you get your pierce done at a reputable tattoo/piercing studio which makes you comfortable and safe. It needs to be as clean as possible, while the equipment and tools used for this need to be sterilized prior to usage. Other than those typical risks of getting a piercing there aren’t any others to mention. As long as you don’t overdo it you should be fine. Just keep in mind that you may feel a lot of discomfort and even pain once you start to grow, as you probably have no idea about how big your stomach will get, especially if this is your first pregnancy.