Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

It’s a general rule of thumb that you should always remove all types of piercing if you’re pregnant, particularly those on the belly button due to the immense stretching that is soon to occur. On the other hand, many women think about keeping it since it doesn’t seem such a huge problem at first. In reality it isn’t actually, but there are some minor precautions you might want to tend to in order to prevent complications from happening and protect your health and with it your baby’s health.

So you’ve decided to keep your belly button ring

Let’s presume that you want to keep your belly button ring throughout the entire pregnancy. First of all, that’s perfectly fine! Feel free to do what you want with your body, as most people who are aggressive in their recommendations and advices when it comes to health tend to be quite ignorant. There are some precautions you should look into first, just in case something complicates along the way.

First of all you may want to consider buying new rings as there are specific rings made for pregnant women to completely eliminate any type of infection. These are made of soft plastic which is capable of stretching with your belly button, so there isn’t any strain on it as there would be with a metal ring.

In case of any kind of skin irritation or inflammation, tend to it immediately. During pregnancy your body will go through a lot of changes, both in physical and hormonal sense. Therefore, a pregnant woman’s skin is more likely to attract irritations which may lead to something more serious. In case of this happening to you, act as soon as possible to prevent further issues.

Should I change the rings during my pregnancy?

If you already went the extra mile and bought specific pregnancy-made soft plastic rings there is no need to change them. In case you’re still using your metal rings you’ve had before pregnancy, it’s highly recommended that you do change those, reasons being inadequate size and general properties of the ring itself. It’s probable that you haven’t really thought about your belly stretching out when you got your piercing, which does have a big impact on smaller piercings which are common. Best thing you can do is change it out for a soft plastic one as soon as you can, since this will make your whole pregnancy period a lot more enjoyable and trouble free.

Also, make sure that you visit the best possible piercing studio. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to keep your blood clean from infections as these can undoubtedly harm your health but particularly your baby’s health. A good, reputable studio should use sterilized gear to be used in the process, as well as new and sealed rings, whether these were plastic or metal. Make sure that your studio is up on par with these requirements as you will eliminate a lot of trouble for yourself by doing so.