Pain Under Right Arm Pit

There are situations when our body suddenly shakes up due to an unexpected spasm or sudden stabbing chest pain, which is obviously nothing pleasant. In such moments darkest thoughts pass through one’s mind. We’ve all been through this and even though you may not know whether these issues are a sign of a serious disturbance or just a temporary one, you should always remain calm and use common sense. There are several different areas of the body which tend to induce the highest percentage of sudden and scary pain, out of which we’ll cover some today. Muscle spasm, hemorrhoids and similar conditions carry the same nature – their symptoms are scary while being completely harmless conditions. It is still advised that you contact your doctor on any sign of a pain, especially if it’s increasing in intensity.

Armpit pain causes

Sharp stabbing pain which is a common recurrence is most probably a consequence of a muscle spasm which can be caused by an inflamed pleura. Massages and light arm stretching can reduce the spasm while non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications decrease pain. If the pain experienced in the armpit becomes numb and you can feel some nodules under your fingers, it’s most likely that you’re dealing with a swelling of the lymph nodes. This is a normal response of your immune system when it’s battling against an infection, so it’s recommended that you visit a doctor to determine the exact cause. Based on different conditions (such as patient being a woman), an ultrasound of the breast is required. With this test being done, both armpits are checked just as a precaution. Along these conditions, armpit pain can be caused by a disorder inside the breast, but in most cases it’s being radiated along the entire side so it doesn’t necessarily need to be localized.

Less common causes of armpit pain

Other than lymph nodes becoming swollen, there is a huge array of conditions which may be causing this. There are many structures that are directly or indirectly linked with armpit and when you consider all of the nerve endings in the area the combinations become even more ridiculous. Even a common cold may cause armpit pain, as it is known to spread aches all over the body, particularly if your respiratory system is suffering. Heartburn, being a lower digestive system issue makes one wonder is there a relation between it and armpit but there actually is. Stomach acids can find its way all the way up to the upper parts of the esophagus which can then quickly correlate to armpit pain even though it doesn’t necessarily need to be closely located exactly in the area. A pulled muscle is probably one of the most common and unnerving cause of armpit pain since this area interconnects with several large muscle groups. Athletes can often pull some of the muscles, especially if the sport they’re doing is heavy on the upper body. If you’re experiencing constant pain which is hard to deal with, visit a doctor.