Pain Under Left Armpit

There are situations when our body suddenly shakes up because of an unexpected spasm or a sharp, stabbing pain in chest, which is undoubtedly very unpleasant. In such moments people tend to think the worst is happening, but it’s usually nothing to be too worried about. Everyone has experienced different stabbing pains, cramps, crackling but we’re never too sure about what is happening, is it just a temporary disturbance or an indication of a serious condition. During stabbing pain in the chest one usually thinks about heart attack, while in reality, the main cause for this is muscle spasm. If the pain passes by relatively quickly, there’s no reason to worry about as it’s just a cramp of the rib muscles. Today we’ll take a closer look at some of the body parts that tend to shock you in a similar manner and discuss possible reasons for it.

Distinguishing real problem from a minor one

Apart from chest pain, blood in the stool is another one of the feared sights. Colon cancer is usually what one thinks about, while it’s actually more likely to be a hemorrhoid problem. If you spot light blood on toilette paper there’s a high chance of this being caused by hemorrhoids. Sharp and stabbing pain under left armpit is yet another cause of panic, but if it’s sudden and passes by quickly, it’s most likely caused by a muscle spasm. However this can be caused by an inflammation of the lung tissue, which can’t be relieved by massages or light stretching of the arm. If you’re experience dull pain under the armpit, while also being able to feel some knots, it’s most likely caused by an inflammation of the lymph nodes. This often happens when you’re dealing with an infection. If the pain or unpleasant sensation continues for a while, there’s nothing you can do on your own other than consulting your doctor as soon as possible.

Lymph inflammation is the main cause for armpit pain

It seems as if lymph is one of those undiscovered parts of our body which is rarely understood by the common folk, yet it shows its presence a lot. It’s important to know that lymph is the carrier of your immune system and plays a vital role in dealing with invasive infections and many other conditions. Lymph circulatory system is not closed and contrary to the cardiovascular system doesn’t have a central pump. It still flows, but at a much lower rate, by peristaltic movement of the lymph vessels which carry it all over your body. Being yet another vital bodily fluid, it transfers leucocytes to where it’s needed, representing the central part of immune system. It also plays as one of the main ways for nutrients to get digested out of the digestive tract, and has a vital role in absorption of fat. The system contains lymph tissue, cells and organs which are found all over the body and it’s capable of differentiating your own antigens from alien ones, making it possible for your immune system to work as it does.