Orrest Head Walk

High fells

Just above the village of Windermere in the heart of the Lake District sits Orrest Head. This summit is offers a breath taking site with its view of Lake Windermere and many other spectacular sights. This is a favored place to visit by many because of the easy walk that it provides. It is ideal for the elderly, small children and those looking for something less strenuous.

Aside from the beautiful scenery, Orrest Head is also popular for being the first climb of famed walker and author Alfred Wainright. He trekked through the fell in 1930. Story has it that Wainright got off a bus from Blackburn and began his walk without even knowing where he would spend the night. The sights which greeted him inspired him in what he described as an introduction to a dream. This spot was also made popular by poet William Wordsworth.

Today, many other visitors and locals come to Orrest Head to witness these fantastic views. From the start of the footpath to the top it would take more or less 20 minutes. Of course, this time may vary according to the pace of the walker. For the most part, the foot path is paved and provides visitors with a steady and gentle climb as they head upwards. It may also be accessed by car however this is limited only to residents.

At the top visitors will find a good amount of benches to sit and rest in before heading down. This place also makes for a good place to take photos, paint or spend some quiet time alone. Many visitors also enjoy having a snack or meal here, although there are no trashcans around so trash must be carried down. A sign can help visitors check out the main view points.

Despite being a quick walk, Orrest Head is still frequented by many people. It is not far from Windermere where there are a lot of places to visit and eat at. Guests who enjoy lakes and lakeside views will especially enjoy being in this location. Guests may also want to take advantage of being here and check out the museums, crafts and other local attractions.

For those arriving with cars, they may opt to park their car in Windermere. Parking fees may be a bit costly with 4 hours going for about 6.

Despite this, it may be the only expense guests have when checking out Orrest Head.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Britanglishman