Murthwaite Green Horse Trekking


What can make a break more exciting than riding along a beach on a horse? Murthwaite Green Trekking Centre offers just this to guests. This family-run professional horse riding center specializes in beach riding experiences. Located in Silecroft within the Lake District National Park, guests get access to Silecroft Beach. With five miles of golden sands and shallow waters, it makes for the perfect horse ride on a beach.

Aside from the popular ride on the beach visitors can also choose from other riding options. Other than the beach nearby fells can also be explored on horseback. For those who want to make the most out of their riding experience a whole day ride can be done which will include a beach ride, picnic ride, pub ride and fells.

Holiday riding options are also available for guests who wish to stay longer. These last anywhere from two days to an entire week. These allow guests to enjoy a variety of rides together with lessons and stable management. Holiday riding is tailored to meet the needs and desires of visitors.

These can be started on any day and are made to ensure that the most is made out of every vacation. Children as young as 4 years old may go on a riding trip. There is no age limit for adults as long as they are physically fit.

Safety is never a problem when riding at Murthwaite Green Trekking Centre. All rides whether at the beach or in a different location are done with an escort. All guides are British Equestrian Tourism qualified with Riding & Road Safety Certificates.

They are also knowledgeable in first aid and have vast experience riding horses. Safety hats are provided for use free of charge. Both horses and ponies are available for rides and range in height from 11hh to 16hh. Both horse and ponies are gentle and well mannered ensuring an enjoyable ride. Even novice riders will not have any problems.
Murthwaite Green is open all year round except on Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day. At least 1 beach ride is available each day, although the time may vary according to tide times.

Guests are advised to book ahead of time due to the high number of visitors throughout the year. Booking can be done by phone, email or in person. For other details on Murthwaite Green Trekking Centre visit the website

Creative Commons License photo credit: nancy crisp