Lakeland Quads Off Road

Remco op quad

Going through hills, by lakesides and coming face to face with wild animals are only some of the things to experience in a quad bike trek. Thrilling is the perfect way to describe this all terrain journey that is brought to visitors by Lakeland Quads.

Made especially for small groups, this trekking experience provides guests with personal and individual service.

Only those in the group are booked for each trek with a maximum of 5 people per group. Not only does this add to the quality of the ride, but it also makes it better in many ways. Riding out in small groups ensures that only those in the group are part of the trek. This makes it an ideal setting for bonding together and having a memorable experience.

Visitors can take their pick from different types of routes as they set out in the automatic rugged all terrain vehicles. All treks are suitable for first timers and novice trekkers. More experienced trekkers will also find a good variety of routes that are up to their calibre. A safety briefing is provided before the start of every trek. Protective gear is also provided to ensure the safety of each guest as they ride out.

The Farm Trek makes use of traditional agricultural tracks and takes people through different terrains before reaching the fells edge. This takes about 45 minutes and lest trekkers on to a view of the Coniston Mountain Range as well as some native wildlife.

The Peak Trek offers a bigger challenge as guests travel to the top. This trek takes about 60 minutes. The Fell Trek, which is the most popular, is an extended trek. It offers more demanding routes and views of the Windermere. Other special treks such as birthday and ultimate treks are also available for those looking for a surprise or bigger adventure.

Prices for treks vary according to the difficulty and distance. The Farm Trek is priced at £30 per head, while the Peak Trek is at 40 and Fell Trek is at £50. Extended treks such as the Tech Trek is at £65 per head and the Ultimate Trek is priced at £80 per head. Specialty Treks may vary in price according to what is requested. It is possible to customize treks according to the needs of guests such as a birthday cake or melas. To get other details about Lakeland Quads visit the Lakeland Quads website.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Henk-Jan van der Klis