Lake District Hotels

The Lake District is widely known for its lakes and mountains but its prestige goes beyond its natural wonders. This rural area can be found in Northwest England and it has been the heartland of poetry in the nineteenth century due to the masterpieces of the William Wordsworth and other Lake Poets. Also known as Lakeland, the district is now a tourist destination that attracts several visitors annually.

Tourism has been a major contributor to the district’s economy and Windermere is even regarded as the second most popular tourist attraction in the area. The tourists that visit the Lake District come from different countries around the world like China, Germany, Japan, Spain and the United States of America. It has been estimated that around 14 million tourists visit Lakeland annually.

Aside from the beautiful scenery, the Lake District strongly promotes cultural tourism and their efforts are getting great results. Over the years, tourists also visit local writers and artists who can bring a crowd to its feet due to their brilliant performances at local theatres such as the Blue Box of Century theatre and the theatre via the lake at Keswick which produces six important plays during summer.

The Lake District is also known for its rich literature and fantastic art films. Visitors also marvel at the picturesque view that Lakeland has to offer. You can navigate this landscape by mountain climbing, a cruise or just a casual walk. Extreme sports enthusiasts also engage in rock climbing and mountain biking in its terrains.

The beauty of the mountains in the Lake District is highlighted during the creative and mountaineering art festivals that are held here annually. If you want to hit the water in Lakeland, you can engage in activities such as canoeing, casual fishing, professional angling and extreme water sports. All of the activities on water can be done around its National Park.

Tourists at Lake District can also visit the heritage centres and museums within the area. After a long day of activities, visitors can relax at various Lake District hotels or grab a bite at local restaurants that offer four-course meals and beverages.

These restaurants provide a captivating view of the scenic spots in Lake District such as the Langdale Pikes and the Windermere Lake. Visitors can also recharge or pump out energy at the gyms and health clubs within the restaurants and the hotels.