Lake District Family Breaks


One of the best vacations that you can give your family is a trip to the Lake District. Its natural beauty will take their breath away and they can learn more about Romanticism and English heritage.

While you can visit Lakeland any time of theyear, it is best to make a trip on autumn or spring for the flowers bloom at this moment. Also, many activities are waiting for your family at the Lake District.

If you are staying in a Lake District hotel in Keswick, you can ask them to arrange a visit for your family to the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum. Here, you can travel back in time and witness the famous cars that has been used in movies and TV series. Some of the cars that can be seen here are the Aston Martin in James Bond movies, the Ford Angelia in Harry Potter and the Batmobiles in Batman.

Windermere also offers an array of activities that will bring delight to your family. For starters, you can visit the Hill Top which was once owned by writer Beatrix Potter. Hill Top carries farms, buildings and gardens wherein Potter took inspiration. It also reflects how life went during Potter’s time. If you feel tired, you can take a break at the tea shops near Hill Top.

You can also engage to some thrilling off-road adventures with your family at Windermere. They have different off-road driving programs in the town and the rough terrains make it an ideal course for those who want a sudden adrenaline rush. If you take part in their friendly competitions and win, you can even win vouchers that you can use on your next off-road adventure.

Windermere is also an ideal place in the Lake District to engage in some boating activities. You can ask your Lake District hotel to arrange a boat trip for you and be ready to be captivated at the serene waters in Lakeland. You can also explore the Lake District from Windermere using bicycles. Hotels can arrange bikes for each member of the family. You can ride a bicycle and navigate the mountains of Windermere or have a more casual cruise through the streets of the town.

Finally, you can have a glimpse of William Wordsworth’s inspiration by visiting the Rydal Mount and Gardens in Ambleside. Rydal Mount and Gardens is one of Wordsworth’s favourite spots for practically his entire life and it is believed that he wrote “Daffodils” here. Just like Wordsworth, your family will feel inspired with this Lake District garden that exudes an atmosphere of relaxation and inspiration.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Postcard Farm