Honister Slate Mine

Fleetwith Pike in Autumn

On top of the Honister Pass in Lake District sits the last remaining working slate mine in all of England. Honister Slate Mine has become a popular destination for many tourists because of the wonderful adventure it has to offer.

It is the first slate mine that can be reached via the Ferrata adventure climbing system. This allows visitors to climb through the surface of the rocks using just a safety harness and fixed cable. Earlier miners used a similar system to get home after dark. Two routes via Ferrata are offered to visitors who want to experience this adrenaline filled journey and breath taking view.

The classic route takes visitors through the usual path while second route includes a more challenging route with a zip ride. The Via Ferrata Classic is priced at 30for adults (16yrs & over), 20 forchildren(10 – 15 yrs) and 95for the Familypackage (2+ 2). The Via Ferrata +Zip route is priced at 35for adults (16yrs & over), 25 forchildren(10 – 15 yrs) and 115for the Familypackage (2+ 2).

Of course, most guests come here not only to see the outside but to see the inside of the mine. Guided mine tours are offered daily with 3-4 schedules each day.Tour times are scheduled at 10:30 am, 12:30 pm (2:00 pm) and 5:30 pm.

There are three different mine tours that range in difficulty. The Kimberly is an introductory tour which is suitable for all ages. The Honister is a slightly more daring tour which takes guests out to the edge and deep inside of the mountain.

This tour costs 9.95 for adults and 4.95 for children. Families of 2+2 can get a lower price of 27. The last tour is the Cathedral takes visitors into the working mine. This tour must be pre-booked with a minimum of 8 people per booking and is run only on Friday evenings. Cost for this tour is 19.75 per head.

With all the adventure around, guests can also sit back and relax with the luxury accommodations available in the area. Guests can also shop for different products made out of slate and other materials.

Items range from small things such as clocks and ceramic tiles to bigger things like kitchen worktops and roofing materials. To get more information about Honister Slate Mine visit checkout their Honister Slate mine website.

Creative Commons License photo credit: walkinguphills