Home Remedies for Razor Bumps

Shaving with a razor is definitely one of the easies methods to remove unwanted hair. Whether it’s men’s beard or women’s legs both women and men use this method to improve their appearance. However, razor in itself is quite an aggressive method of shaving which may cause your skin to become irritated after a while. Even with use of lotions or creams itchiness, rashes and a phenomenon known as razor bumps may irritate you a lot. Today we’ll discuss razor bumps which are a fairly common consequence of razor shaving and how can you deal with it in a natural and safe way.

Some general advices to decrease the chance for razor bumps

You can actually do a lot to prevent razor bumps from happening with some easy techniques. First of all, make sure that you’re shaving in the direction your hair is growing. This is a known fact which has been repeated by experts endlessly, but people still seem to think that the right way is the opposite way. By shaving in the direction of growth you will shave just enough hair and not cause an irritation which can turn into razor bumps. Also, the sharper your razor is the less force you’ll be applying to the skin itself. Shaving should be an easy procedure, with you gently guiding the razor and letting it do all the work. Always replace your razor as soon as you’re not “impressed” with its sharpness, as this can only cause issues for you. Hydration of the skin to be shaved is also very helpful since this softens up the hair making it much easier to cut.

I already have razor bumps. What can I do?

Don’t worry, there’s a lot you can do to help yourself. First of all, you should use aloe vera and rub it in thoroughly in the irritated area of your skin. This is a helpful and highly effective home remedy supplement which is known to be a great tool to prevent itchiness and irritation. Other than aloe vera you may also use some cold compresses which are a greatly efficient way of relieving the burning feeling. It’s best to develop a habit of using cold water on the shaved area right after you’ve done it since this will help to tighten everything up leaving no place for irritation to occur. Peeling of the skin is yet another greatly efficient way of reducing the chances for bumps to appear – this will also help you to prevent ingrown hairs which is a fairly big annoyance in itself.

Razor bumps generally occur due to a lack of simple hygiene, especially a couple of hours after shaving. Your skin is usually a bit damaged if you shaved it with a razor so you need to be very gentle about it. Make sure to wash your legs decently after the process to remove any leftover hair or skin as this is the main initiating factor for razor bumps to occur.