Holker Estate A Countryside Home

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Sitting in the English countryside of the Lake District is the home of Lord and Lady Cavendish. Passed down from generations, Holker has long been a favorite home of the family. Likewise, it is much loved by the public as a tourist attraction. This wonderful home reflects centuries of architecture that has been added by the different families that lived here. It is a mix of Elizabethan Gothic and Victorian architecture brought together under one roof.

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Visitors coming to Holker will enjoy visiting the different parts of the house and the estate. The Library is a popular stop for many guests. It contains 3,500 books, some of which date back to earlier times. A number of these books have also survived the 1871 fire. The home also contains a Gallery which is a distinct feature of Elizabethan homes.

It has been given a Victorian touch and contains finishing and furnishing from different eras. In the drawing room, fine silk and paintings cover the walls. The pieces of art are from a collection of local and international artists. Similarly, the Billiards Room contains a number of art works from known artists. The different bedrooms and features in the house also add to the places of interest.
Outside the home Lord and Lady Cavendish invite guests to enjoy the Gardens of Holker Estate. The gardens contain a plant gallery which includes a wide collection of rare plants and the great Holker Lime Tree. The Labyrinths also provide guests with amusement while adding to the aesthetic factors of the grounds. A stroll through the Burlington and Cavendish Walks will give visitors an overview of what can be seen in the gardens.

After going through the home and gardens visitors can enjoy food and refreshments as well. The courtyard caf provides a relaxing ambiance with delicious treats. For those with functions in mind the Cavendish and Burlington Rooms may be used. The Holker Estate is open from April to October from Sunday to Friday.

The house is open from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm while the gardens are open from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. Admission for adults is 10 and 5.50 for children ages 6 to 15. Family tickets are also available at 27. Concession tickets may be bought for 9. Groups of 10 or more may also get a special price. To find out more about the Holker Hall and Gardens visit the website at