Heaton Cooper Studio

In the heart of the Lake District is a studio which belongs to a family of artists. This business which has been passed down for generations began in 1905 as established by Alfred Heaton Cooper. The current Heaton Cooper Studio which can be found in Grasmere was built by William Heaton Cooper, Alfred’s son. The building of the studio was funded by the publishing of William’s first book containing 52 colour palettes. What started out as a family home has now become a popular attraction in the Lake District.

At the Heaton Cooper Studio guests get the chance to view a wide range of fine art. Inside three different galleries await the visitors. Each of the studios feature art works done by the Heaton Cooper artists. Visitors will find literally hundreds of framed prints to view. Works include greeting cards, paintings and original art pieces. The third gallery contains all these and more. Together with the prints guests will find sculptures by Ofelia Gordon Bell on display as well. Visitors are welcome to take their time viewing the pieces and chairs are available within the galleries for more comfortable viewing.

For those interested in more than just viewing art, the studio also has a bookshop. Here guests will find a number of different titles being carried. These include second hand books on Chinese art technique, antique out of print Heaton Cooper volumes, biographies and other art books. Other than books the studio also carries a wide supply of art materials. Supplies include pens and pencils, papers, canvas, paints, powders, pigments, auxiliaries, brushes and more.

Guests who wish to stay in the area for more than a day may do so as well. Adjoining the studio is the Croft Holiday Cottage. The former home of William Heaton Cooper and Ofelia Gordon Bell, it has been transformed into a guest house. This tastefully decorated home brings together the best of the past and present.

It can accommodate up to six people at a time. Guests staying here are sure to enjoy the view and be inspired. Visitors are welcome to visit the studio any time, except on December 24- 27, when it is closed. There is no admission price and parking is free as well, however a stay at the cottage does require a fee. To find out more about the Heaton Cooper Studio or do some online shopping visit the website at http://www.heatoncooper.co.uk/