Habba syndrome causes and treamtent

Habba syndrome is a very rare condition which combines the effects or irritable bowel syndrome and gallbladder issues. It is an extremely unpleasant condition to deal with as its symptoms may cause social distress for the one affected. Since it’s such an aggressive condition, diagnosis is usually very easy and precise, while the treatment does take quite a bit of time during which the quality of life is significantly reduced. Diarrhea becomes so intense that it takes over one’s life. The individual suffering from this condition has to know locations of the toilettes wherever they are located as to avoid unpleasant situations. There have been around a hundred cases diagnosed with this condition in the U.S. which were all studied thoroughly in order to find out what causes it. A precise answer to that dilemma hasn’t yet been found and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for a while. In the meantime let’s discuss this somewhat interesting condition, what causes it and how to treat it.

Recognizing the condition

Habba syndrome in recorded cases always started day after eating more than the usual amount of food, such as on weddings. First symptoms show as being sick, very strong stomach cramps which is usually recognized as a typical sickness. Antibiotics are administered in case of doubts towards bacterial infection, which obviously doesn’t solve the problem at hand. After these symptoms the condition becomes clearer as sickness passes away, while bowel control becomes impossible. Diarrhea caused by this condition is as explosive as it gets and it’s very sudden in its appearance. This is why people who are suffering from it tend to stay bed ridden so they can avoid awkward social situations. Blood tests show no disturbances and everything appears to be normal.

This can last more than a year, with slight changes in intensity, especially on diet changes. People who got this condition became religious about their diet after the experience, but there is little to no improvement in the long run. Colon cancer is an anxious thought which a lot of patients think about, but since the blood test shows nothing, it’s really not the case. The main identifying factor in diagnosing this condition are relentless and extreme diarrheas.


In order to create an appropriate and effective treatment plan, it’s important to eliminate the chance of any other digestive condition that might be causing the same symptoms, such as Krohn’s disease, cancer etc. Habba syndrome in particular correlates chronic diarrhea with dysfunction of the gallbladder which is excreting too much gall and aggressively digesting all food eaten in extreme effect, causing diarrhea. Drugs which are used to battle high cholesterol have proven to be effective in treating Habba’s syndrome, as it binds with the acid in the gall and neutralizing it that way. So far this is the go-to method of treating Habba syndrome, and it has proven to be extremely effective in all recorded cases.