Greenlands Farm Village-Down to Earth Fun

Not a llama.

The best things in life are to be found in the great outdoors. This couldnt be truer when it comes to enjoying lifes simple pleasures. There is nothing like kicking back and relaxing in the countryside- farm style. Greenlands Farm Village offers visitors a chance to experience the farm life and more.

Whats there to look forward to here? For starters, visitors can take a look around the open farm and get close to animals. This offers hands on experience for the young and the young at heart. Animal lovers will surely enjoy grooming, feeding and simply patting the different farm animals. There are about 120 different animals ranging from rabbits to alpacas.

Inside the open farm guests can also get up and about in the adventure farm. Children and adults can play in the hay, climb through the adventure set, swing, slide and much more. Of course, no farm visit can be complete without a tractor experience. Tots will surely enjoy pedaling around in the mini tractors. Visitors can also watch a log get turned into a wood carving by Rolande Urwin. Guests can be amazed as this master carver uses just a sander and chainsaw to transform a log into a carving of the much loved farm dog. The barn area is also an excellent place to have a picnic. It offers a great view of the area and gets a good amount of sunshine as well.

The Greenlands Farm Village also includes an educational centre where visitors can learn about meat and crop production and farm life as a whole. Find out what goes on behind the scenes in a farm throughout the different seasons. The Education Centre also provides lots on information on indigenous plants and animals.

Aside from the open farm, visitors can also visit the other areas of the farm. They will be able to enjoy looking through the artisan center or dining at the caf. Greenlands Farm and Village also accommodates special events such as birthday parties and business functions on site.

Entry to the open farm area is 5 per person. Family tickets good for 4 individuals may also be bought at 15. The Greenlands Farm Village is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm except on Christmas Day and New Years Day. For those coming in groups, advanced booking is advised. To get more details about the Greenlands Farm and Village visit the website at

Creative Commons License photo credit: MonkeyBoy69