Graves Disease Diet

Graves disease relates do goiter disorders which causes it to grow noticeably. It’s very common with almost all conditions related to goiter. Doctors have divided these conditions in diffuse and knotty goiter, with their own respective list of causes as well as treatment methods. Among all other causes for goiter to swell up, lack of iodine in diet is considered to be the main problem, as well as some genetic conditions in terms of iodine metabolism. Puberty, pregnancy as well as some medications which inhibit iodine digestion are some of the less common causes for this illness. It has been proven that consummation of certain food such as cabbage have an effect here, if there are genetic conditions met. Graves disease is about eight times more common with women, not only due to gender specific conditions, but hereditary properties which are related to gender, with its efficiency increasing with age.

Surgical treatment

It’s safe to say that surgical treatment is a safe bet when it comes to treatment of Graves disease. Indications are clear that there is a malicious growth inside the goiter itself, as well as implications of pressure being applied to the surrounding tissues and structures. Aesthetic reasons are nothing to be ignored as well. Clinical grade and final decision is brought based on multiple factors which include gender, age, intensity of growth, pain, appearance of nodules on neck outside of the goiter, voice changes all the way up to complete muteness. It’s also important to take ultrasonic and cytological tests into account which can indicate maliciousness of the disease. A special group of patients are filtered into separate groups if they’re experiencing compressive symptoms such as coughs, heavy breathing or swallowing difficulties.


Extreme complications may occur during surgeries for Graves disease in terms of injuring some nerve endings or complete removal of them. These nerves allow for vocal cords to move and its injury results in the patient being mute. This is particularly serious with people who use their voices for a living such as actors, singers, radio hosts etc. Parathyroid glands are very important in metabolism of potassium, whose injury may result in potassium deficiency with all of its circumstances such as numb extremities and cramps in different parts of the body. This results in a lifetime of taking potassium supplements. However, when the surgery is done by an experienced surgeon, complications rarely happen.

Ultrasound test has an important role

There is a specific value in diagnostics and evaluating of goiter related diseases in ultrasound. By using this method it is possible to determine the size of the gland, as well as size and count of the nodules which are a usual consequence of Graves disease. It’s also possible to determine whether these nodules are solid in character, are there any cysts or is it a mixed situation. It’s possible to discover abnormalities which are at least 2-3 millimeters in size, which is enough to discover a malicious disorder happening to the goiter.