Go Ape Tree Top Adventures


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take the jungle head on and unleash the Wildman in you? Theres no more wondering left with Go Ape. This treetop adventure is an excellent way to have fun, let loose and enjoy Mother Natures wonders as well.

Go Ape is a short fun filled adventure that will surely take the stress away and help visitors enjoy. Guests will find themselves in the midst of a lush green forest filled with breathtaking views. This is just the start of all the fun. Nestled within this forest is an entire course that will have participants climbing, swinging, crawling crossing and much more. The Lake District Go Ape course is also known as the Alice Holt Course.

This Go Ape course is opened daily form the 9th of April to the 30th of October. However, it is closed during Wednesdays on term time. It is opened only during weekends on November. Opening times may vary according to daylight times, but many courses do open at 8 am. Guests should remember to book ahead of time, especially during peak seasons. The cost of all courses no matter what location is £20 for Baboons or children 10-17 yrs. and £30 for Gorillas or adults 18 yrs. and above.

This 2-3 hour adventure tends to get a bit grubby, especially since it is used even during wet weather. Participants are advised to wear clothing that they do not mind getting dirty in. Slip on shoes and sandals are also not allowed within the course. Guests must come in closed shoes with good sole grips. Thin gloves are also advised.

There are no storage facilities within the site however toilets/changing rooms are provided throughout the place.

Safety is ensured throughout the Go Ape Course. A thirty minute safety briefing is provided by trained instructors before the start of the course. Aside from this, proper safety gear is provided for all participants going through the course.

There are also instructors in the different areas of the course to make sure that each visitor gets through the obstacles safely.

Over and above all this Go Ape is covered by a 10m public liability through its entire course. Guests can feel safe and secure as they dash through the treetops and plummet into the jungle. For other details and information about Go Ape check out the Go Ape website.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Dominic Torrisi