Fishing in the Lake District

Fisherman keen to experience the local fishing scene whilst visiting the Lake District will be pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of available fishing in the national park.

Below are a selection of fisheries/lakes recommended by local anglers:

Ratherheath Tarn (Coarse Fishing)
Map and Directions

Being just 5 acres and surrounded by large trees it is usually fishable in even the worst weather because it has good shelter. Fish include good Carp to 20pounds, Chub, Roach,Bream and some Brown Trout. The water is often discoloured after heavy rain but often fishes very well then .
The lake is suitable for fishing by disabled anglers as it has a special platform and easy access from the carpark.

Esthwaite Water Trout and Winter Pike Fishery
Map and Directions

Esthwaite is one of the nicest waters in the Lake District. Whilst mainly a trout fishery, Esthwaite Water also has good pike and coarse fishing. Esthwaite Water has an area of 280 acres and is a completely natural lake. Rainbow trout are stocked regularly averaging 1.75 pounds with some of the larger fish growing to 6 pounds. Wild rainbows may be also be caught as the breeding program is well established. The fishery record for the largest Rainbow Trout is 16 pounds 3 ounces and 10 pounds 12 ounces for the biggest Brown Trout. Coarse angling is available from the 1st Nov until the 31st March and the main catches are Roach, Rudd & Perch. The winter Pike fishing season lasts from 1st Oct until to 31st March, the record for the largest Pike caught on the lake is 38lb.

Ghyll Head Reservoir
Map and Directions

A nice eleven acre water including a deep area near to the road and shallows to the far end. Fishes best with a floating line but a sinker and lure can be relied on to save the day if nothing bites. Stocked monthly.

High Newton Reservoir
Map and Directions

This is eleven acres and is at high altitude (600ft) and is often affected by high winds. However the fishing is excellent as the lake is quite shallow. It’s stocked every month with Rainbow Trout and it fishes best with anything small and black using a floating line.

Dubbs Reservoir
Map and Directions

An area of Seven acres; very exposed at high altitude. Lots of crayfish, minnows and Brown Trout. Stocked every month with high quality Rainbow Trout. Use a static nymph or try lures from the dam.

Please visit The Windermere, Ambleside and District Association website for further information Fishing in the Lake District.