Endometriosis and Pregnancy

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Endometriosis is a condition when the endometrial tissue grows outside of the uterus itself. During the menstrual cycle this tissue peels off and results in menstrual bleeding and if there’s a case of this tissue being spread out to ovaries the cycle won’t happen. Blood which remains inside the body can cause a lot of issues such as internal bleeding, excruciating pain and inflammation. Endometrial tissue itself appears on the surrounding tissue such as ovaries, but there were cases of it finding its way towards bladder, intestines and stomach cavity in general. Even though it’s not necessary for any symptoms to arise, endometriosis usually manifests itself through very painful menstrual bleeding, digestive issues, painful urination as well as painful sexual intercourse.

What causes endometriosis?

There’s a doubt that endometriosis is caused by weakened immune system as well as genetic heritage. In a healthy organism immune system can battle against this spread of endometrial tissue outside of uterus and extract it out of the body, while a weakened system makes this impossible. On the other hand, when there is a genetic factor to be considered, chances for you to acquire endometriosis are higher if it was already diagnosed in your family.


In case there are symptoms showing which indicate endometriosis, an ultrasound test is necessary to determine the presence of cysts or other abnormalities on the ovaries. Advanced endometriosis is sometimes noticeable during the ultrasound test itself. If there is a suspicion off endometriosis, laparoscope test is to follow. The belly is being pumped with carbon dioxide so that ovaries are more visible and reachable during the procedure. In order to further improve visibility there is a small tube with a lamp being pushed through a small cut right below the belly button. If it’s a case of simple endometrial tissue growth it can be removed during this process.

Endometriosis treatment

There aren’t any specific medications to be used for endometriosis treatment, but there are many other procedures which may help to cope with this illness. If you’re nearing your menopause, you might be relieved to hear that this condition is significantly easier to deal with after menopause; it may even become completely eliminated. If you can’t conceive a baby because of this condition, a procedure is required in order to remove the faulty endometrial tissue. This procedure has a high rate of success.

In case this doesn’t help, tissue can be removed during laparoscopy. In severe cases it might be necessary to remove some of the organs which are covered in this tissue. If endometriosis causes severe and unbearable pain, visit a doctor. Make sure that you have painkillers with you that were prescribed by your doctor at all times. Dietary changes also have a big impact on the disease’s progress and it’s a general rule of thumb to avoid red meat, while consuming dairy products at a low rate. Diet should be rich with fish, fruit and vegetables, paired with regular light physical exercise.