Dove Cottage and Wordsworth Museum

Dove Cottage

In the world of poetry the works of William Wordsworth and Dorothy Wordsworth are both much loved. For those who enjoy the works of these authors a trip to the Dove Cottage and Wordsworth Museum is a must.

Built around the 17th century this cottage was the residence of William and Dorothy from 1799 to 1808. Here they entertained a number of other famous people in literature including Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The cottage has been open t the public since 1916. Today, it is listed as a Grade I building with about 70,000 people visiting it each year.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ducttape30

Guests can enjoy a guided tour of the Dove Cottage where they will learn about the Wordsworth family and their daily life. Aside from the cottage, many of the items that William and Dorothy used are also intact. Visitors can get to see portraits, family possessions and furniture from the earlier times. The garden which was worked on by the Wordsworth has also been restored and can be viewed.

A trip to the Dove Cottage also includes entry to the Wordsworth Museum and Art Gallery right beside it. The museum and gallery house a collection of books, manuscripts, paintings, watercolors and portraits from the Romantic Era. Aside from this visitors can also get to see the changing exhibits of different artists. The different exhibits show various cultural themes from different sources.

The Dove Cottage and Wordsworth Museum is open daily during the summer months of March to October. Opening time is 9:30 am and closing time is 5:30 pm with the last admission at 5:00 pm. During the winter months of November to February the cottage and museum is open daily from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm with the last admission at 4 pm. It is closed during Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day. Admission is 17.20. Children below the age of 6 are free of charge.

Visitors can also make use of the free parking for cars and coaches while visiting. The museum also has full disabled access for guests with special needs. Lifts and elevators are available throughout the building.

For those who are not able to use these, a virtual tour of the place can be used. Other specials facilities also include an adapted lavatory for the disabled. To get more information and details on the Dove Cottage and Wordsworth Museum check out the official website at