Dealing with Onion Allergy

Among all of the other food allergies, onion allergy causes the highest amount of distress. Since it’s such a common ingredient in cooking, it’s basically impossible to eat most of the readymade meals in restaurants, supermarkets etc. since there are high chances of onion being present in them. Sauces and soups almost always contain onion powder or garlic powder, which is also highly allergenic. You can easily find burgers which have minced onion mixed in with the meat, so even if you order something without onion, it’s still a very high risk. What can you do?

Dealing with allergies in general

As it is with any other allergy, it’s crucial that you stay away from onion if it affects you. On top of that, you also need to strictly avoid consummation of garlic, spring onions and all other sorts of onions since these all contain the allergen which is causing the allergy in the first place. Despite the fact onion by itself is such a healthy ingredient, it’s extremely common in fast food, restaurant food that serves sauces, soups – the list is basically endless. Due to its strong aroma, onion is almost taken for granted and it’s used as a commodity in a lot of culinary joints. Therefore, if you need to stay 100% clear of onion, when eating outside you should focus on fairly simple dishes that do not contain onion even in traces, such as sweet food, perhaps dairy products, barbecued sirloin and other types of one-piece meats etc.

Less food processing – less chances of a reaction

It’s best to think positive about the whole affair – you can start a fully raw vegan diet if you’re dealing with this allergy since it’s one of the rare diets where you’re 100% safe that you know what you’re eating at all times. Despite the fact that onion is such a popular ingredient in cooking, you can still eat quite healthy and delicious foods with such an approach. It’s probably going to be difficult for you to get used to this diet and there is a month or two of pure torture, but once your body gets cleared out of some old habits you’ll be good to go. If you’re always eating at home, you can of course stick with your regular cooking but make sure not to use any onions whatsoever. Make sure not to experiment with substitutes as there are plenty of them out there and they might still cause a reaction, despite the label.

Diagnosing the condition

As it is with other allergies, it’s important to be sure that you’re allergic to onions in specific. You can do this by visiting a specialist who is able to confirm your allergy, while also prescribing some effective medications which will definitely help you out in coping with it. There is somewhat of a difference when consuming raw onions and cooked, but the allergen seems to be intact regardless. Our recommendation is to stay clear of all onions in any form or shape, as this is the only way to make sure you won’t get a reaction.

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