Comfortable Lake District Hotels in Kendal and Windermere

Since Lake District has become one of the popular tourist destinations in England, you will find several places to stay here. From inns to hotels, there are places for accommodation from the budget-conscious to the lavish spenders. However, this does not mean that the cheaper places are second fiddle to the more expensive ones.

There is much nature to explore in the Lake District that having a Lake District hotel to stay in is very important. Aside from the 80 glacial lakes and reservoirs within the district, you can also take a trek up the mountains or walk through the lush fields which contain forests and gardens. You can also experience the rich heritage of Lakeland through Romanticism literature and art.

The most visited area in Lake District is the Lake District National Park which is at the heart of the mountainous area of Cumbria. Among the more famous tourist spots in this park is Scafell Pike which is the highest peak in England. Since trekking up Scafell Pike would take time, tourists can make arrangements with Lake District hotels in Kendal or Windermere.

One of the more popular hotels in Cumbria’s Lake Windermere is the Lakeside Hotel which has a rating of four stars. The 77 rooms in this hotel are spacious and elegant as evident by its oak panels, furnishings, floral decorations and lounges. You can also choose from the different bars that Lakeside has to offer. They also have a conservatory and landscaped gardens that form the path towards Lake Windermere. The nightly rate at the Lakeside hotel ranges from 275 to 455 Euros.

Meanwhile, another hotel worth noticing is the Linthwaite House Hotel which is named as one of the top 200 hotels in the United Kingdom in terms of quality. Linthwaite is right at the heart of the Lake District and it is etched at a hilltop that lords over Lake Windermere. If you want to choose from an extensive wine selection, this is the hotel that you must stay in.

Also, you can fill your stomach with the modern British dishes that they serve at Linthwaite. Despite having just 27 rooms, the Linthwaite House Hotel was named as the Most Excellent Country House of Johansen in 2007. You can easily start your nature trails from this hotel and it is also adjacent to the more popular heritage sites. This hotel is ideal for those who have tight budgets for staying here for one night would cost around 92 to 190 Euros only.

If you want a pet-friendly place to stay, the best place would be Kendal’s Olde Blue Bell Cottages. Located at the middle of the Cumbrian Village, it has three character cottages which include a cottage which is good for six people, a barn that can house five and the more spacious coach house which is good for seven people.

Olde Blue Bell also has a play area for children, equipments for baby care, laundry facilities and Internet access. The rate for staying at Olde Blue Bell for one night ranges from 280 to 575 Euros. Now that you have learned about these comfortable Lake District hotels in Windermere and Kendal, there are no other reasons for you to cancel your vacation to Lakeland.