Cockermouth is a picturesque little town located in the Allerdale Borough of Cumbria, North West England. It is named so because it is at the confluence of the two rivers Cocker and Derwent.

Cockermouth in the present age

The main avenue in Cockermouth has a statue of Lord Mayo, a former MP of Cockermouth who was also the British Viceroy of the East India Company in India. He was later assassinated. In the olden days Cockermouth had a weekly marketplace every Monday since the 13th Century but that practice has long been discontinued and there is just the occasional fair. The centre of Cockermouth still retains its rustic atmosphere and is currently under renovation. It is being renovated with an artistic and community focus in mind. Though tourists frequent Cockermouth it is one of those places a person would like to call home. The locals with their inherent rustic sense and the visitors with their urban modernity give Cockermouth a unique character.

Main St at Mitchells
Creative Commons License photo credit: morebyless

Norman Castle which still is home to Lady Egremont is a major attraction at Cockermouth. This is built at the confluence of Cocker and Derwent Rivers and has a tilting tower that leans over Jennings Brewery, reminiscent of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Jennings Brewery offers regular tours of the town and the traditional carriage rides pulled by a shire horse.

The Castle along with its preserved dungeons is open for public view once a year during the annual Town Festival. The Printing House Museum and the birthplace of William Wordsworth are other interesting spots. The Lakeland Sheep Centre offers shows in its theatre daily.

Dovenby Hall Estate a park and woodland estate that spans 115 acres lies 2.5 miles northwest of Cockermouth. Dovenby Hall is home to the Ford Rally team. The Dovenby Hall Estate was purchased in 1988 by Malcom Wilson for his M-Sport team and in 1996 it was selected by Ford to build, prepare train and run a fleet of cars as preparation for the World Rally Championship.

The Kirkgate Centre offers international music, theatre and world cinema thus standing testimony to the arts and culture rich Cockermouth. Critically acclaimed and art-house movies are screened on Monday evenings at the Kirkgate Centre. It conducts concerts and performances as part of its annual festival during summer. The Annual Easter Fair of Cockermouth is famous for its fireworks display and carnival. The first Georgian Fair was conducted in 2005 and was repeated in 2006. The next Georgian Fair is scheduled to be held in 2008. The town of Cockermouth is adorned with festive lights during Christmas and the main and surrounding streets are abuzz with music and shop displays.