Cinnamon Allergy Treatment

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Allergy as a term draws its roots from Greek language, from a word allos which indicates “another”,and ergon which stands for work. As a condition, allergies have been defined in the early 20th century by an Austrian doctor Clemens von Pirquet. He noticed that some of his patients manifest a response from environment stimulus such as dust and some foods. Generally speaking the number of people suffering from allergies increases constantly which may indicate that our immune system is becoming weaker. One century ago there were no recorded allergies, probably because there were no food industries or genetically modified ingredients such as those we’re consuming nowadays. It’s obvious that allergies are fairly complex in their essence especially when you count in how many different allergies there are.

Spice related allergies

Spices cover about 3% of people affected with an allergy and it can become a real nuisance in terms of limiting normal lifestyle. Since these are extremely common in food, cosmetics as well as dental products, it’s often difficult or even impossible to draw a conclusion that your allergy is actually spice related. This issue is further intensified when you take into account that there are no spice regulations during their production, which means that in many cases ingredients found within spices you buy off the shelf aren’t mentioned on the label. Studies have shown that women are far more prone towards acquiring a spice related allergy due to the fact makeup contains a lot of spices. Among others, most common allergens in this group of ingredients include cinnamon, granulated garlic, black pepper and vanilla. Some common spice mixes contain from about three up to eighteen different spices!

Cinnamon is a common cause of allergies

Cinnamon contains a little bit of coumarin, which is a natural substance that can be linked towards liver damage with people who have an intolerance towards it. As such, cinnamon is considered to be dangerous if you’re allergic to it so extreme precaution is required. Otherwise, cinnamon is known as one of the oldest spices in history of mankind which was used to treat many illnesses and conditions. Today it’s a common spice used in a wide variety of products, so if you’re suffering from a cinnamon related allergy, you should also avoid chewing bubblegum. Cinnamon is a known ingredient of bubblegum due to its refreshing properties and it’s also effective in eliminating bad breath.

Treatment of spice allergies

Best thing you can do in order to treat your allergy is to make sure you’re 100% sure in the source of your allergy, after which you’ll be able to avoid that specific ingredient. In terms of general health and immune system improvements, you should consume higher amounts of vitamin B, C and E. Healthy diet when dealing with allergy response also includes zinc, beta-carotene and oily acids which are helping in decreasing allergy symptoms. All remedies which improve one’s immune system are highly recommended, but caution is advised since a lot of these may contain something you’re also allergic to so tread lightly.