Chemical Pregnancy Symptoms

A chemical or biochemical pregnancy represents pregnancies that end very early, before the fetus starts to develop. There are clear signs of pregnancy presence though, such as HCG hormone found in blood or urine. After a couple of days after positive test there is an abnormal bleeding to occur, which represents the end of that pregnancy cycle. It’s considered that chemical pregnancies occur when the embryo perishes right after creation, before implantation to the walls of the uterus. These are very common and about 50 to 60 percent of pregnancies end this way. Today we’ll take a look at some of the facts that go around this phenomenon and what makes it so common.

Most common causes for chemical pregnancies

Chromosome abnormalities which are also the highest risk factor for abortions play a significant role in chemical pregnancies as well. The egg cell or sperm can carry a chromosome abnormality because of which the embryo isn’t able of developing further so it falls apart. Uterus anomalies can lead towards embryo implanting in an inappropriate part of the uterus which doesn’t allow it to start developing. Lack of hormones is another very common causer for chemical pregnancy which makes it impossible for the whole system to initiate and maintain pregnancy process.

Menstrual cycle after chemical pregnancy can become more intense including clogs, followed by intensive pain which are stronger than before.

How to know you just dealt with a chemical pregnancy?

The earliest sign of chemical pregnancy is vagina bleeding which can vary in intensity. Alongside with bleeding pain experienced in the lower part of the stomach sets in. There are many diagnostic methods that can be applied in order to discover different causers of spontaneous abortions in general. Gynecologic tests are standard these days, when the vagina itself is checked, with blood tests discovering any hormonal imbalances or abnormalities that may have worked alongside. In cases where chemical pregnancy repeats itself with new pregnancies, a genetic counselling is recommended with both partners being checked for chromosome abnormalities. Female patients that are dealing with uterus abnormalities some minor surgery procedures can happen which can significantly increase the odds for a normal pregnancy cycle to occur. Infection of uterus neck is treated based on the test which indicates what type of bacteria or virus has caused it.


There are some other things you can do in order to reduce the chances for a chemical pregnancy. If you’re smoking, you should definitely quit this harmful habit. It has been proven that women who are smoking on a regular basis have twice the amount of spontaneous abortions in comparison with non-smoking women. Even though scientific researches do not connect caffeine with spontaneous abortions, there are some signs which do confirm its negative effect. It’s a good idea to reduce or completely give up on caffeine before conception. It’s also important that you keep your head up in case of this happening to you as stress also plays a huge role in success of your pregnancy.