Causes for Pain Under Belly Button

It’s safe to say that pain is the main cause for one to go out and visit a doctor. Medical practices are cramped with patients who are complaining about stomach pain which tend to be most prominent in a certain location, rarely the whole stomach. Special type of pain is related towards the lower part of the stomach or around belly button. All of the previously mentioned pains can be different in terms of strength as well as connections to some other symptoms. If it’s about pain in the upper part of the stomach, some correlated symptoms may include gassiness, heartburn, burping etc. It’s not rare for patients to mention a completely present impulse towards vomiting after certain foods such as onions, fresh paprika, pickles, beans, fresh fruits, grapes, pears, watermelon etc. Today we’ll cover the lower part of the stomach as this too can have some potentially dangerous consequences you may need to know about.

Causes for the lower part of the stomach to ache

Women often complain about pain felt in the lower part of the stomach which may also transfer to the back. These can be very intense and appear on left or right side or both at the same time. A common dilemma for doctors is to determine whether these issues are caused by some disorders in the spine or due to a kidney condition. These can be somewhat defined by an ultrasound checkup but due to the depth of some of the organs which may actually be causing the issue in the first place, this method may prove to be inefficient.

Gynecological conditions

Pain felt in the lower part of the stomach in women are more common to diagnose than men since it can also be caused by certain gynecological disorders. Pre-menstrual pains are fortunately the most common and harmless types of pain which are particularly intense during puberty. Ovaries cysts may also be involved which are usually also harmless, particularly those less than 20 millimeters in diameter. Larger cysts may require surgical treatment. Swelling of uterus and other sexual organs in women can definitely cause pain to be felt in the area below the bellybutton. Sometimes, before a woman knows she’s pregnant, a report comes in due to excruciating pain in the lower right part of the stomach with a reflection towards the lower left part of the back. These are all changes caused by hormonal sways and it’s completely normal.

Male symptoms

Increase in size of the prostate may or may not indicate a more serious condition. After a checkup a certain cause is determined, and in case of enlargement of the prostate, a PSA antigen is to be extracted out of the blood. This antigen can indicate an inflammation of the prostate which is a fairly simple condition to deal with if it’s discovered early enough. It’s therefore important for men over 50 years of age to go under special checkups to determine whether or not everything is alright with the prostate.