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Tourism History of the Lake District

In one way or another, the English Lake District became a popular tourist destination because of good advertising. Before the Lake District became known to tourists, its natural beauty was first enjoyed by the residents of the area. Residents engage in hiking trips and walking expeditions to witness the mountains and valleys that the district

Famous Poets of the English Lake District

The Lake District in Northwest England is a haven wherein you can experience nature at its very best. The land which comprises this district is nested at the middle of breath-taking terrains, crystal clear glaciers and serene bodies of water. With a template as beautiful as this, it is no wonder that the district has

Lake District Myths and Legends

Lake Windermere has it’s very own mini-monster, called a “Tizzie Wizzie”. At the beginning of the 20th century , a boatman near Bowness used to tell tourists stories of this strange and shy creatures. He said that it had hedgehog’s body, the tail of a squirrel and a pair of wings like a bee. Although many

Art & Literature

The Lake District is intimately associated with English literature during the 18th and 19th centuries. Thomas Gray was the first to bring the region to attention, when he wrote a report or journal of his Grand Tour in 1769, but it was William Wordsworth whose poems were the most famous and influential. His poem “I

Tourism Development

Early tourists to the Lake District, who travelled for education and the pleasure of the journey, include Celia Fiennes who in 1698 chose to journey the length of England, including riding through Kendal and over Kirkstone Pass into Patterdale. Her experiences and thoughts were published in the book Great Journey to Newcastle and Cornwall. An

William Wordsworth

photo by litmuse Wordsworth was born on the 7th of April 1770 in a Georgian house now known as Wordsworth House, in the Cumberland town of Cockermouth. John, his father, worked for Sir James Lowther, the owner of the house, as an estate agent. The back garden, which bordered the tranquil River Derwent , was

Beatrix Potter

photo by piddy77 Born 28 July 1866 in London, Helen Beatrix Potter was both an author and illustrator, conservationist and botanist, most well known for the children’s books she wrote, featuring famous animal characters such as Peter Rabbit and Mrs Tiggywinkle, which remain household names today. Born into a well off family, Potter was taught