Blackwell Arts & Crafts House


Built in the 20th Century, Blackwell Arts & Crafts House is one of England’s most significant existing structures from the time. Designed by M H Ballie Scott from 1897 to 1900, this home is an excellent example of its type of architecture. Most of the decorative aspects of the home have been kept intact and restored or preserved. More than being a historic home, Blackwell Arts & Crafts House is a masterpiece in itself.

Aside from being a piece of art in itself, this structure is also home to several different exhibits. Past exhibits include Willima Plumptre: Pottery, Catching Light: Contemporary Glass, The Japanese Craft Tradition: Kokten Korgei and many more. Other future exhibits are also lined up. Visitors looking to attend future exhibits may get a listing at the website.

Visitors can also enjoy food and refreshments while here. The Tea room offers a wide range of drinks including hot drinks, cold drinks and alcoholic beverages. Light lunches, gourmet sandwiches and home baked cakes and pastries are also available. Even with their food and drinks, the Blackwell Arts & Crafts House puts an emphasis on quality handmade items. Books and Catalogs are also available at The Book Shop. A wide range of titles under the Arts and Crafts Movement can be found here. There are also postcards and greeting cards for sale. There is no admission fee to The Book Shop.

After a tour of the house and a delicious meal visitors can enjoy shopping at The Craft Shop. Here works of leading contemporary crafters can be found. Items range from jewelry to pottery. There are many things for both personal and home use that visitors can buy.

The Craft Shop also offers interest free loans worth 100 to 2000 through Own Art. Any piece of art bought through this method is payable in 10 months. Visitors interested in purchasing items through Own Art must have 2 forms of identification with them.

The Blackwell Arts & Crafts House is open daily from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm, and from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm during November to March. Admission fees for adults are 7 and 4 for children above 5 and students as well.

Family admission is £18. Garden admission fees are  £4 per person. Friends and benefactors are free of charge. For more information visit the Blackwell Arts & Crafts House website 

Creative Commons License photo credit: pixelsandpaper