Black Combe

photo by wrross

Black Combe is a fell in souther part of the English Lake District, a mere four miles from the Irish Sea. It stands in splendid isolation, some 10 miles away from any higher ground.This vantage point provides an excellent panoramic view of both land and sea, with views towards the Scafell group, the Coniston group and the Yorkshire Dales.

On days of exceptional visibility the Isle of Man and Snowdonia can be seen some 85 miles to the south. It can be viewed from as far as the top end of the Wirral penisula, between the turbines of the new Burbo Bank wind farm.

The fell can be climbed in several ways from St Mary’s Church, Whicham to the south; St Mary’s Church, Whitbeck to the west or from the Fell Road which crosses the fell at an altitide of 1,250 feet four miles to the north of the top.

It was deemed worthy of a chapter in Alfred Wainwright’s Outlying Fells of Lakeland book. At 600 m, it is only 10 m short of being a Hewitt. Sub-tops include White Combe, Stoneside Hill and Stoupdale Head.

Source: Wikipedia – under the GNU Free Doc Licence