Ayurvedic Treatment for Piles

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Are you dealing with piles, better known as hemorrhoids? If you think you’re suffering from similar issues, you probably have a lot of questions, mostly about symptoms and treatment. Today we’ll take a slightly different take on this condition which is annoying to say the least but doesn’t usually mean that there is something extremely dangerous going on inside your body. There are some other quite serious conditions though that share some of the symptoms and this is where a lot of anxiety and fear towards hemorrhoids comes from. Generally speaking, hemorrhoids are painful and swollen blood vessels located in the anus area. This unpleasant condition strikes both genders, and it’s caused by strain of the vessels inside the intestines.

Hemorrhoid specifics

Even though the gene which causes hemorrhoids hasn’t yet been discovered, it is known that in some family trees it runs more commonly. However, it’s not clear whether this occurs because of the gene presence or it’s related to lifestyle and diet habits which can assist in hemorrhoid’s development. An Irish scientist and researcher Denis Parsons Burkitt has discovered that hemorrhoids are extremely scarce in village habitats in Africa, contrary to urban African residences as well as developed countries throughout the world, where they are a commodity. Reason for this has been found in diet, as village people focus their diet towards a plant based one which is rich in fiber, resulting in healthier and thicker stool, making it easier to pass it.

Treatment methods – preferably ayurvedic

There are dozens of specific treatment methods and medications which can be useful for both prevention and curing hemorrhoids. Some of these have shown to be particularly effective, with potato treatment being the champion among other methods. Basically, you need to grind some raw potatoes, drizzle olive oil over them and with a finger grip, assisting with a piece of cloth lean to the painful and irritated area. This is necessary to keep during the entire night and works great against external hemorrhoids. When dealing with interior type hemorrhoids, slice a potato in circles and make a potato stick out of one of the circles. Oil it well with olive oil and insert it into your anus, leaving it overnight. This method is somewhat uncomfortable, but it’s very effective.

Other methods of treatment

When finding new methods of treating hemorrhoids, there’s a difficulty of discomfort when discussing this topic with other people. Still, you can always look online for an abundance of natural treatments. Out of the bunch we’ve had good experiences long term by changing your diet, enriching it with plant fibers, an abundance of water being drank throughout the day as well as regular hygiene. When you pair those lifestyle changes with some of the above mentioned treatment methods, hemorrhoids will become a thing of the past for you. It’s important to give natural treatment methods a try before succumbing to the usual pharmaceuticals as these can cause some unwanted side effects, which is something you would want to avoid.